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Call the Crop Report for the Farm and Winery Updates and for Picking Locations

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Details and Picking Location

Call the Crop Report at203-929-8425to hear the latest conditions from our farmers. Here are the highlights of the current picking conditions, hints, and reminders:




Good day! Farmer Jones here in the Strawberry Fields!

  • The sunny beautiful weather is ripening and sweetening the berries. It's a bountiful crop so please come help bring in the harvest. This week is a great week to come pick before the warm weather!

  • Remember a Jones box is one set price this year of $37; it is a great deal if you wish to pick a volume of strawberries of 8-10 plus pounds. If you are looking for a smaller amount or have less time to pick, start off your first picking of the year with one or more baskets.

    • Minimum: for those over 10 years old, 1 basket each

    • Those under 10 must have their own basket or share with 1 other person.

  • 检查theweather forecast. We provide refunds if we close due to extreme weather such as thunderstorms, but we stay open in light rain.

  • Make yourreservationsbefore you come.

  • Enjoy social distancing picking in the great outdoors. Manyimportant updatesthis year, including but not limited to group sizes, picking amounts, recommendations regarding children, and not having Berry Ferries at this time.

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912